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Introducing Our Pets

On Thursday 1st September 2016, a new arrival was introduced to the pupils of St. Paul’s National School. Great excitement ensued as a beautiful baby rabbit was revealed by Mrs. Bourke. The pupils listened intently as it was explained that the rabbit would be the new school pet and they were to be tasked with naming her. Notable discussion followed and numerous options were put forward by the pupils. A thrilling ballot was conducted and after a nail biting count, Shadow emerged as the winner. Shadow now happily resides in her hutch in the grounds of St. Paul’s. More recently she has been joined by a friend. Biscuit, a guinea pig, was chosen as a companion for Shadow.

Mrs. Bourke watched in horror as Shadow chased Biscuit around the hutch. Enter school vet. and parent, Niamh Lee to the rescue... an old drainage pipe became Biscuit’s haven for the next few weeks.

Both pets are now treasured members of the school and the pupils diligently care for them each day.

Update: February 2017

Biscuit has become daring enough to steal kale leaves from Shadow’s mouth!

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