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Physical Education



ASF schools ensure that all classes are timetabled for 60 minutes of physical education every week.                       to view our school's P.E. timetable.

A broad and balanced PE curriculum is delivered, at all class levels, by the classroom teacher.

Click here to view our Whole School P.E. Plan detailing which strand and fundamental movement skill (from the Move Well, Move Often resources) will be taught each month.




Outdoor & Adventure


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This gymnastics lesson involved recapping on jumping for height. Then a new teaching point was taught and demonstrated-  Arms and legs extend as far as possible in the flight phase. Pupils practised the teaching point in groups on mats. 


As part of the Athletics strand, we worked on our skills of running. We all thought we knew how to run well until we observed each other. We realised our whole body was involved in running, arms, eyes, torso and of course, legs! Watching where we were going was a challenge at times as competition came close. We played lots of games, including Fruit Basket, Tails, Number Run and sprinting.


The middle room began the Games strand by concentrating on their ability to catch. They had to watch the ball or beanbag carefully and always be sure to have their two hands ready to catch.

Also as part of the Games strand, the middle room enjoyed plenty of games to improve their kicking and striking with the hand. They used targets on the wall for accuracy of kicking and looked at where on their foot the ball was being kicked from. They played a great game called Wish Upon a Star whereby they used towels to throw the ball in the air. They had to use co-ordinated movement and works as teams to catch the ball in the towel each time. They also played dribble tag. 


As part of the Dance and Gymnastics strands, the Junior Room (junior and senior infants) practiced balancing with the use of music. 

They explored balancing in various ways e.g. on 2/3 body parts, eyes closed. They followed a leader, moved around in various ways and copied their balance on the whistle. They played 'spot balance' - moved around to music, when music stopped performed balance. They copied teacher balancing, moved around to music and mirrored leader's balance when the music stopped. Finally they did a body balance sequence and performed a balance sequence.



In Term 1 (2018-2019) the senior room (4th, 5th and 6th) have swimming lessons for 7 weeks.

In Term 2 (2018-2019), 2nd and 3rd class from the middle room have swimming lesson for 7 weeks.

During the school year 2019-2020, Junior and Senior Infants completed the PAWS (Primary Aquatics Water Safety) Programme. PAWS outlines life-saving guidelines for children of every age! It teaches children how to be safe around water in homes, farms, pools, beaches and on our waterways.

During the school year 2020 - 2021, the Middle Room (2nd, 3rd and 4th class) completed the PAWS (Primary Aquatics Water Safety) Programme also.

Our Physical Education Equipment

We keep our P.E. equipment nice and tidy and clearly labelled. Regularly throughout the year, we tidy our existing equipment and purchase new equipment to replace old equipment. Over the last couple of years, we have fundraised to buy additional P.E. equipment. Each year, we buy new equipment to add to our existing resources.






The Junior Room are working on the fundamental movement skill 'Striking with Hand' and the 'Games' strand. They explored striking with the hand and began by bouncing a beanbag on their hands. Then they used their hands to strike a ball between their hands before moving onto bouncing the ball. They played the game 'Knock Down' from the 'Move Well, Move Often' resource. 


The senior room (5th & 6th class) were learning the fundamental movement skill of kicking. They played some really fun games to practice the skill. They played a game of rounders...instead of using a bat, they used their feet! Next, they played a game called No Man's Land which led nicely to a quick game of GAA.

The Middle Room practiced the fundamental movement skill of striking with the hand, under the strand of games. They considered what skills were needed to ensure they controlled the ball as they bounced it. 



Here, the Senior Room are practicing the fundamental movement skill of throwing. To practice this skill, they threw foam javelins using an over-arm throw. They practiced the step pattern of step, over, plant and throw. In lines, the children threw the javelin and retrieved it on signal.


Here the Junior Room are doing a P.E. lesson from the Athletics strand. They are learning and praciticing the fundamental movement skill of throwing. First, the pupils explored throwing and then practiced individually by throwing and catching a beanbag e.g. throw, clap, catch. Then they worked in pairs and threw to a partner before making a group of 4 and throwing around in the square. Finally, they used an underarm throw to throw the beanbag into a hoop.