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Physical Activity

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Run Around Europe       
26th February - 22nd March  

The Run Around Europe challenge is starting in St. Paul's, alongside many other schools around the country! We're very excited to get running every day and to see where we might visit in Europe. 1 lap of our basketball court = 1km. So everyday for the next four weeks, each classroom will be running laps, contributing towards our total distance covered. 

Week 1                                   Total laps
Junior & Senior Infants           572
1st & 2nd                                  539

3rd & 4th                                   490
5th & 6th                                   878

Whole school                       2,479km

Week 2                              Total laps
Junior & Senior Infants         560 
1st & 2nd                                470

3rd & 4th                                 681
5th & 6th                                 837

Whole school                      2,548km

Week 3                                    Total laps
Junior & Senior Infants            583
1st & 2nd                                   729

3rd & 4th                                    665
5th & 6th                                    783

Whole school                         2,760km

Week 4                               Total laps
Junior & Senior Infants  
1st & 2nd   

3rd & 4th 
5th & 6th 

Whole school  

Our Walkway!

On Friday 29th September, the children completed the 'Active Walkway' route instead of the table tennis takeover event. Each classroom had the chance to get outside and move in an active manner from one sign to the next along the route. We had great fun exploring the different pathways and directions we can travel in to get our bodies moving! 


Feel Good Friday

A  real favourite of both children and staff here in St. Paul's are the Feel Good Fridays! We've had lots of fun dancing and listening to music during our lunch breaks throughout the year. The Active Walkway and playlists by the Irish Heart Foundation, TG Lurgan and IPPEA have lifted everyone's spirits and got us moving in a different way during break times!  

Run Around Ireland
6th - 31st March 2023

Being an Active School, we participated in the Run around Ireland challenge for 4 weeks leading up to the Easter Holidays in March. The whole school took part in the daily run, in all weather conditions!

With 1 lap of the basketball court equalling 1km, we reached great distances throughout the four weeks. Each classroom teacher kept a record of the distances travelled, adding up the daily total with the children's help.

The junior room ran as far as Dunmore Cave in Kilkenny, and the middle room travelled a great distance to get to Killarney National Park. The senior room also visited many places and ended up with a total journey of 4,092km.

The children really enjoyed the daily 5 - 10 minute run outdoors, often reminding their teachers incase it would be forgotten!

The Middle Room visited all 20 locations, a total journey of 3,004km!


Here are some of the places the Junior Room visited.

The Senior Room also travelled all over the country, have a look at where they stopped along the way!


Hallowe'en Physical

For Hallowe'en, we had a Hallowe'en themed P.E. lesson! We tried to catch the witches! Each team had to throw the hoops over the witches. The winning team was the one who caught the most witches.

We had a relay race using pumpkins. This proved fantastic fun as the pumpkins rolled along the ground!

We visited the pumpkin patch and did the exercises on the back of the pumpkins. Definitely ready for Hallowe'en treats after all that exercise!!

Ring the Witch

Throw hula hoops over the witch's hat!