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Picker Pals

The Junior Room are delighted to be taking part in the Picker Pals programme. We are very lucky as St. Paul’s N.S. is the first school in Sligo to take part in this programme.

‘Picker Pals is an environmental action programme for primary school children, their families, schools and communities. Picker Pals motivates children through immersion in a Picker Pals song and story world, equipping every classroom with a Picker Pack and inspiring children on accompanied local litter-picking adventures.’

To begin, we joined a Zoom call with other Picker Pal schools and the Picker Pal creators. They told us all about the importance of Picker Pals and looking after our environment. Then, we read the Picker Pals Adventure book ‘Picker Power!’ and each pupil got their own copy and a copy of the ‘Picker Pals Funbook’ to take home. We also enjoyed singing the Picker Pals song.

Every week, a different child is selected to bring home the Picker Pack which consists of picker-uppers, gloves, hi-vis vests safety information and bags. Children are encouraged to go on a litter-picking adventure in their local area. At the end of the week, the pupil returns the Picker Pack with a completed Picker Pals Report.


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