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Multi Cultural Day

We hosted our first ever Multi-Cultural Day here at St. Paul’s on the 19th February. It went wonderfully! Thank you to all the parents who prepared presentations and lots of delicious food, the day wouldn’t have went so successfully without you! It was a fantastic insight to the variety of cultures we have in our school today.

To start our Multi-cultural Day, we had a parent talk about her home country of Lithuania. She showed us a beautiful slide-show of pictures of the country while also telling us some interesting facts. For example, Lithuania is the only country in the world with its own official scent! Also, amber is referred to the gold of Lithuania and is used to make beautiful jewellery and pictures (some of which we got to see!).

Then, we got to taste some delicious Syrian food – chicken & rice – the flavours...mmm!!! Up next was France, this parent told us all about France – the population, names of cities, famous foods. She told us stories about her Grandad which were very interesting.

Next presentation – Poland! We have 3 Polish families in our school and they came together to make a presentation for us. We learned that Polish is 1 of the most difficult languages to learn and that Poland has the oldest forest in Europe! We got to see a child’s traditional Polish outfit and one of our Junior Infant pupils even got to try it on.

After little break, we tucked in to some delicious foods! To start, we had some Indian food – curries, rice, onion bhajis and much more! Then we got to taste some tasty, traditional Lithuanian and Polish food.

After lunch, we had a parent talk about America. We tried some root beer and candy corns! The jury is still out on those.....! To finish our day, we had 2 children tell us about the countries they are from (or their parents are from) – Czech Republic & South Africa. It was lovely to hear things about these places from the children themselves!

Well done to everyone involved and a heartfelt thanks from all the staff and children at St. Paul’s N.S.!

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